Food Services

If you prefer not to cook yourself, we would love to offer you our food services.

You can place an order in the morning and we will deliver …

… the desired, ready-made dish in your chalet refrigerator during the day.
In the combi steamer you can warm up the dish whenever you feel like it and hungry for dinner.

… a BBQ plate with regional organic meat from our favorite butcher
and/or a vegetarian selection including fresh vegetables.
When you get back home from your trip, the grill stands ready to get your BBQ started.

… a hiking snack or filled picnic basket for your outdoor adventures.

As an alternative to our delivery service….

… we can place a reservation for you in one of two restaurants, in walking distance to the Aadla

… we will assist you with the placement of an order at a nearby takeaway service

… or we can hire a “chef cook” who will prepare your favourite dishes in your chalet kitchen.